Abbey loves bringing you on a journey through her song-writing.   Her band Abbey & The Afternoon has transformed to fall under her: ABBEY KILLIN.   With the artistic name change comes a new change in direction in their style and practices.   Abbey (and her piano side-kick, Kyle) are sharing pieces that are current, pop with dance vibes, but still meaningful, along with their new Ableton Live skills!  Abbey worked alongside music producer and artist Troy Malone, who has been a great Ableton Live mentor to bring out the subtle nuances in Abbey's work.  Kyle Herridge is a large part of Abbey's creative team!  He is recently working on video and film instrumentals.  She looks forward to their future collaboration as Kyle is immensely talented in playing by ear, teaching, as well as contributing his creativity in songwriting.  They are currently working on a track inspired by Abbey's eyeglasses and the classic comedic sketch, Old Gregg.  

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Kyle Herridge (Piano): 

Kyle Herridge @herridgemusic is a pianist, composer, and teacher of music theory and piano. He studied music at The University of Texas at Dallas and is currently pursuing his teaching certificate in music. He has performed across Texas in groups specializing in dance, rock, R&B, and cover songs. The songwriting duo Kyle Herridge and Abbey Killin has been active since early 2016. His personal works have blends of pop, jazz, and r&b which consistently finds a way into the music they create. He has written, recorded, and produced his own albums and songs with past artists. His current endeavors involve venturing into the world of dance music, ballads, as well as creating variations on past musical standards.

Trenton Barnes (Brass):

Born in Oklahoma City, Trenton Barnes is an instrumentalist and composer studying jazz trombone at the University of North Texas. In addition to trombone, he is also an accomplished vocalist, tubist, trumpeter, and harmonicist. Trenton enjoys performing a variety of styles, including jazz, country, and pop. He currently holds positions in several UNT ensembles as a trombonist and a vocalist, in addition to the position of lead trombonist in the Crosswinds Big Band. Trenton regularly performs around the Dallas area and has performed with the Metropolitan Winds, The Celebration Orchestra, The Frank Obregon Quartet, Aesthetic Trombone Quartet,  The Foo McBubba Big Band, and the Texas Dixieland Band. He has also recorded professionally of vocals, trombone, and trumpet. As a composer, Trenton’s originals and arrangements have been performed numerous times in various groups. He adds a new level of talent and flare to every music project.

Josh Rudes (Bass):  

Josh Rudes was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, where he got his musical start in elementary school on cello. Eventually taking up trombone and electric bass a few years later, he began to receive numerous accolades for those instruments. A move to Plano, Texas and finishing high school at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts shaped his musical path immensely. He became an accomplished jazz bassist and singer, receiving multiple DownBeat Jazz Awards. He was the accepted into the Jazz Studies program at University of North Texas, where he is going into his junior year. Josh now gigs frequently around the DFW area (and beyond!) and has begun his own projects blending the jazz and singer-songwriter genres. His musical palate and versatility as grown and he is a great artist in songwriting and performing.