About Abbey

Abbey Killin an actor, writer, and singer with a charisma and care for people.  Actively working in the Film/TV and Theater industry since 2006, she is curious, spontaneous, and easy to collaborate with!  She is a keen study,  reaching beyond the screen to make an impact. 

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Abbey's favorite hobby is playing Disc Golf with friends and family.  She enjoys competing against herself to improve her score.  Her favorite courses in Texas include BB Owens, Audubon, and Harry Myers.  She's played in Maine, where the Woodland Valley Disc Golf course had three levels of difficulty!  The most difficult part were the BUGS! 

Abbey has filled many shoes in production, from writer and production coordinator, to music supervisor and holding an occasional boom-mic!  She has a unique understanding and appreciation for everyone involved in all elements of filmmaking.


  • She listens to podcasts about outer space to help her fall asleep.
  • People call her "DUUDE!" when it comes to: four-wheeling, gaming, fishing, getting her hands dirty, football season, you name it... she's in!
  • She loves jellyfish and elephants equally.
  • "Killin' It!" puns are welcome.
  • She has a dog (rescue) named..."Abby"...  Ahh!!  Ask her about it...