Abbey Killin -- About Me

Now a Member of Women in Film, Dallas!*

Abbey is a professional actress and singer/songwriter, active in the Film/TV, Music, & Theatre industry since 2006.   She loves dogs, collecting cool rocks (brought back from new places), and inviting people into an exciting new experience.  She is tenacious, curious, spontaneous, and easy to work with.  She loves getting people to the edge of their seats -- keeping the audience engaged.  She is a keen study, reaching beyond the screen to make an impact.  

Abbey's favorite hobby is playing disc golf with friends and family.  She loves having a target in mind during a scenic hike, getting exercise and enjoying good company.  It's a great activity to improve on your own score, competing with yourself every time you play again.  (She jokes she's a "disc-golf professional" now, because she got paid to disc golf for a popular brewing company commercial!)  There are over a hundred disc golf courses in Texas and her favorites include BB Owens, Audubon, and Harry Myers.  

Abbey works with her brother to run a 4K videography she help build from the ground-up. There, she assists companies in growing virtually across DFW.   If clients are camera-shy, they can count on Abbey.  Additionally, she has successfully organized and written many video scripts.  She helps translate complex information into a creative video their target audience can easily digest.  She's filled many shoes in production (Voice-Over, Producer, Spokesperson, Scriptwriting, and Storyboarding) which gives her a unique understanding and respect for everyone involved in production.


  • Abbey has shortbread cookies (Chessmen) with coffee every morning before starting work
  • She listens to space podcasts in the evening to help her fall asleep 
  • She can be a "dude" when it comes to: video games, board games, fishing, four-wheeling, pool, watching football, ping-pong, power-washing, getting her hands dirty, you name it -- she's in!  
  • She loves jellyfish and elephants equally 
  • Puns of Abbey's last name "Killin" were always common growing up, but the best one she's heard was: "if you replace the A in "Abbey" with an "I" your name would sound: "I be Killin"
  • She also has a dog named...."Abby"......  Ask her about it!