Professional Lyrics and video SCriptwriting

MUSIC: You can always visit my lyrics and chords page to find my creative writing - and it's always evolving so stay tuned for more.  If you have a neat track or instrumental you are needing lyrics for, reach out to me!  Writing music that is different but also influential is a huge part of my life and I'd be happy to add value to your song (or jingle) in some way.

Professional Scriptwriting for Businesses
If you have a business you're looking to showcase in an innovative and engaging fashion - hop on over to !  Envirron Productions is a high quality 4K video production company.  Here, I work to help produce professional 4K videos by working behind the scenes in strategic scriptwriting (also operating an occasional boom mic onset) to assist in growing businesses.  I have helped produce animation scripts as well as live-action scripts and can have examples available to you upon request.  I work to best understand your business and then transform the information I've gathered into a well-constructed, time-conscientious message.   A message which will be worthwhile and memorable to your specific target audience, driving your business forward.  Contact me, or visit the Envirron Productions page to learn more!